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Leading Specialists, modern facilities and quality patient care. Brisbane Waters Private is recognised as a leader in surgical, medical, rehabilitation and psychiatric services, right here on the Central Coast.

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Patient Stories

We welcome feedback about the care we provide our patients.

"We really want to thank all the wonderful beautiful friendly staff at Brisbane Water Private Hospital. Our 10 year old son Brock Guile had day surgery in November. He suffers anxiety and the staff went above and beyond to make Brock's first time in hospital a smooth ordeal. From walking through the front doors being happily greeted, Brock did manage a smile as Janelle showed compassion and friendly warm, body language to make Brock feel comfortable.  From the front desk then into the next waiting room where we were again greeted by a friendly nurse whom we named "the nurse with no watch". Here the nurse verified all the paper work filled out with Brock's information and again she made Brock feel important and comfortable about the procedure he was about to have done. Next move was into the day surgery room getting prepped. With a happy chatty wardsman taking Brock and myself down to the surgery room we were again greeted by warm friendly nursing staff and doctors.    At this point going into the operating theatre Brock was beginning to become anxious but the nursing staff took time to show Brock the camera and monitor they were going to use during the procedure and took time to answer any questions from Brock. The doctor carrying out the anaesthetic explained exactly what was going to happen and how.  After the procedure, nursing staff in the recovery room again showed their caring nature as they nursed Brock out of his deep sleep, then back into the waiting room to fully became awake. Again all the nursing staff chatted to Brock asking if he was ok and if needed anything, gathering warm blankets following his request.    The whole scary ordeal was not scary at all and we can't describe how much we appreciate the care and support all the nursing staff at Brisbane Private Hospital gave to Brock thought his short stay. I'm truly sorry I don't have all nursing staff names but words can't describe the highest appreciation we hold for the job you do. You are an amazing team and should be commended on the high quality care you show towards your patients and families. Please pass on our HUGE thank you to all the staff and let them know they do a god damn unbelievable amazing job.    Thankyou from the Guile family Sharyn, Jason, Hayley & Brock"

"All the clinicians involved in my care were warm and kind. I was informed at every step. The treatment I received was thorough and timely and I felt very supported by all staff, Dr Mary Ling, Dr Anita Joshi, my anaesthetic nurse, my recovery nurse and ward nurses. Thank you so much.”

"There is no way you can improve such a excellent facility I will be forever grateful for the care and attention"

"The Front desk lady explained everything I needed to do and know and the Pre-Op nurses did exactly the same and were fantastic. This kind of treatment and attention happened all the way through until I was discharged. Very professional and caring staff. Best hospital I have ever been to."
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