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International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife: Julie Bowden

Julie Bowden is our 2020 Brisbane Waters Private Hospital - Non-Clinical Person of the Year. Learn more about Julie and what she enjoys most about working at Brisbane Waters Private.

Throughout the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife we will be profiling our Brisbane Waters Private Hospital team.

Your name

Julie Bowden

Your role

Administration Officer

How many years have you been an Administration Officer and what first got you involved in working in Administration?

I have always worked in Administration in some capacity. I was a Practice Manager for twelve years for the Brisbane Waters Private Physiotherapist starting back in the 1990’s. When this practice closed I was invited, by the then Director of Clinical Services, to apply for an administration role in the Hospital. I was successful and have never looked back.

Which of our 5 Values best describes you and why?

Its Personal - The value for me would be 'It's Personal' as I like to do what is best for the patient, relatives, staff and their Doctor. I enjoy helping the patient to settle in and feel comfortable. I enjoy making the patient experience the best it can be, in my capacity as an Administration Officer. I am happy to work in any area that I am required as I enjoy working in the different wards and being flexible.

What do you enjoy most about working at Brisbane Waters Private?

The people. After nearly 20 years working at Brisbane Waters Private in varying positions, I can clearly state that I would not have coped without the support of the staff at Brisbane Waters Private. Being able to come to work, my ‘other home’ has been a valuable outlet to me and ‘saved my soul’. The support at Brisbane Waters Private is second to none and I can’t see myself working anywhere else.


Walking 6½ kms/ 3 times a week and cooking.

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