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Living Health: Women's Health Week podcasts

Tune in to LIVING HEALTHE to hear from a broad range of our Healthe Care specialists.

In support of Women's Health Week, Healthe Care Australia is excited to share a new podcast series, LIVING HEALTHE brought to you by a broad selection of female specialists and surgeons from our hospitals across the nation.

Listen in to hear what our female specialists have to say about their areas of expertise, including plenty of wonderful advice for women across a broad range of topics; from breast cancer, to spine health, cardiology, mental health, gynaecology and more.

The series features podcasts from some of our Central Coast specialists:

  • Dr Su Kalava, Psychiatrist discusses women's mental health and wellness.
  • Dr Sharon Laura, Oncoplastic Breast, Thyroid and General Surgeon discusses the topic "I have a Breast Lump. What will happen if it is Cancer?"
  • Dr Mary Ling, Breast and General Surgeon discusses "How To Be A Screening Superstar" with tips on catching the top 2 female cancers early with Health Reporter, Jane Worthington, and special guests Liesl Tesch MP and Margaret Beardslee.
  • Dr Eva Nagy, Breast Surgeon, discusses some common questions on breast health.