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Community centred care a focus for Brisbane Waters Private CEO

Get to know more about Debbra Ritter, CEO of Brisbane Waters Private Hospital

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital has long been a part of the Woy Woy and Peninsula community, delivering care to the region for the last 43 years.

It therefore seems fitting perhaps that at the helm of this well established and constantly growing hospital is a woman with impressive track record who started nursing career the year after the hospital opened.

Ms Debbra Ritter, current CEO and Director of Clinical Services for Brisbane Waters Private Hospital may be relatively new to the role but she has plenty of experience to back it up and big plans for the Central Coast’s premier rehabilitation, surgical and mental health facility.

Joining Brisbane Waters Private Hospital as CEO in late 2020, we spoke to Ms Ritter to understand more about her background and most importantly her future plans for Brisbane Waters Private Hospital.

What are your qualifications?

I am a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing.

Where did you grow up live? What let you to living on NSW Central Coast?

I practically grew up in the region, moving to Long Jetty at age nine and attending school and nursing training in the region. I have always felt a strong pull to this area and grew up in Long Jetty and The Entrance and did training at Gosford Public Hospital.

How did you start out at Healthe Care?

I was working as the Theatre Manager at Gosford Private Hospital when Healthe Care bought the hospital. I’ve always had an interest in working in the healthcare field, ever since a family tragedy when I was young, I’ve had a pull towards wanting to help others and play a role in making them feel safe and cared for.

What are you trying to achieve at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital?

This hospital makes a meaningful contribution to our local community every day by delivering care to our patients, helping them to get well and return to their families well. I want our peninsula community to know that this is a hospital that they can go to that is community minded and centred. There is so much we can do to help this region especially when it comes to increasing mental health services for adolescents and continuing to expand our diversity of surgical services, helping locals to go local when it comes to high quality, private health care. I’m particularly proud that for our vibrant and active ageing population, we are able to provide the best geriatric care on the coast with our highly experienced onsite geriatrician.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love the leadership team we have in place at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital, I enjoy mentoring, guiding and supporting them to support a positive and supportive workplace culture. I love seeing how passionate and engaging our staff are, they are so very skilled and dedicated, which is the best combination possible for helping our hospital to flourish.

What is something that others would not know about you?

I can shoot a long bow.

What does 2021 hold for you and Brisbane Waters Private Hospital?

In a word Opportunity. We are growing and expanding our specialty surgical offerings, expanding our mental health services and we are looking to seize every opportunity. There is also opportunities to embrace leaders in our community such as those within the local Indigenous community by listening, learning and understanding how we can better support them through the range of services we provide and play an active role in closing the gap. We are a passionate and skilled bunch and I’m looking forward to continuing to make a difference to our local community through the services and support we provide now and into the future.