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Rehabilitation rewards pay dividends for Umina Beach patient.

When it comes to rehabilitation, its as much to do with the body as the mind according to Umina Beach local, Kevin.

Teaching an old dog new tricks can be tough but it is not impossible according to 69 year-old Brisbane Waters Private Hospital rehabilitation patient Kevin.

The Umina Beach local experienced a stroke at home earlier this year, which was discovered to have been caused by a cerebral bleed, resulting in numbness and lack of movement down his left side.

When he arrived at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital as an in-patient in the Rehabilitation Program, he was bed bound, with limited movement.

After weeks of intensive physiotherapy, Kevin said one of the main issues he needed to rehabilitate was his attitude.

“I definitely won’t win any awards as the most cheerful or obliging rehabilitation patients that’s for sure,” he said.

“But this entire process has taught me just how essential rehabilitation is for any procedure, be it large or small.

“It seems ridiculous, conducing these little silly movements every day, repetitively, getting into the pool for just small amounts of times is exhausting for little obvious reward.

“But that’s the thing with rehab, it’s about the long term reward in terms of muscle memory and movement.”

According to Brisbane Waters Private Hospital Physiotherapist Dean Clatworthy, patients can benefit from both in-patient and day rehabilitation programs.

“Whether you are someone who has experienced a procedure relating to a neurological, trauma, fall, oncology, surgical or cardiac condition, there are a range of rehabilitation services that can be tailored to support,” Mr Clatworthy said.

“From physiotherapy, to hydrotherapy, to occupational therapy through to exercise and nutrition, rehabilitation, the day and in-patient programs are designed to support recovery, regardless of the stage you are at.

“Kevin has done an amazing job and is a credit to himself in terms of the progress he has made in his rehabilitation journey.

“It’s easy to look at the negatives and see what’s changed or been lost and through his journey he has regained and achieved so much, I look forward to seeing how he progresses as a day patient moving forward.”

Kevin said he couldn’t speak high enough of the care he received during his stay at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital as an in-patient.

“The compassion, positivity, support, in-house mental health and relentless reassurance from the team here has just been amazing.

“I’m now 60 percent recovered and I am determined to be walking independently soon.

“You simply don’t realise that rehab really does help to get you ready for returning home, for adapting, changing mindsets and preparing for the process for returning to home which can be confronting.”

Learn more about the rehabilitation services at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital via: Brisbane Waters Private Hospital — Rehabilitation