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We’re going on an adventure….. in a hospital

What if your child's first experience in hospital could be a positive one? One of our parents discusses how this was the reality for her with her daughter's experience at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital.

For Bateau Bay parents Rachel and Paul, booking in their eldest daughter Katie in to have her tonsils and adenoids removed hardly felt like an adventure.

They initially, like most parents, felt apprehensive and uncertain of what lay ahead for their daughter and wanted at the very least for it to be as minimally traumatic as possible.

The last thing they expected was for their daughter to be beg not to leave after experiencing the Brisbane Waters Private Hospital the ‘Paediatric Jungle Safari Experience.’

“It has been incredible, from the front desk reception through to surgery and afterwards, as a parent you couldn’t ask for more than seeing your child happy and relaxed through the whole experience,” Mum Rachel said.

“We’d received initial recommendations to come to Brisbane Waters Private Hospital not only because it’s local, but because of the personalised care that is delivered to child patients and it really does make a difference.”

At Brisbane Waters Private Hospital, pint sized patients are treated to a VIP experience which starts with a ticket to their very own Jungle Safari tour, which includes a welcome pack back pack, safari hat, binoculars, map and keys to a safari jeep.

As they embark on their safari, our brave patients are challenged to find an array of hidden animals throughout the ward hallways from Buffalos to Giraffes, Monkeys, Parrots, Zebras and Tigers and to mark off each animal they find along the way.

Following their planned procedure, paediatric patients will return to their own personally decorated room full of animals, a welcome sign and night light that projects stars around the room and for those staying overnight, their bed sheets are replaced with jungle bed sheets that they can take with them when they leave.

It doesn't end there, with the menu transformed into a jungle theme including a never ending supply of ice cream, custard, zooper doopers and a range of fun meal options.

“As our first private hospital experience, we’d definitely come back and frankly Katie has loved every minute of her stay and how the nurses fussed over her,” Rachel said.

Learn more about Brisbane Waters Private Hospital’s Paediatric Jungle Safari experience: Brisbane Waters Private Hospital — Caring for Kids