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Your Elderly Parents Failing Health - Is It Ageing or a Treatable Condition?

Geriatrician Dr Peter Lipski latest book, 'Your Elderly Parents failing health- Is it ageing or a treatable condition?  dispels the  myths and negative stereotypes about getting older and shows that getting old does not need to mean declining health.

Experienced Geriatrician Dr Peter Lipski in his latest book dispels the huge myths and negative stereotypes about getting older and shows that getting old doesn't need to mean declining health. Dr Lipski explains how even the most frail elderly can have dramatic improvements in their general health from comprehensive care, accurate diagnoses, attention to detail, getting the simple things right, and treating reversible factors.

Thousands of Australians experience the frustration of watching their elderly relatives’ health decline every day only to be told that it’s just "old age" that causes dizziness, falls, confusion, malnutrition, and breathlessness and more. Frustrated families hear time again ""what do you expect- he is 89 years old you know!" Too many older people end up in the overcrowded public hospital emergency department when this could be prevented by better medical care. How often do we see our elderly relatives or friends physically declining, slowing up, taking too many pills and struggling at home alone? This is one of the most important and influential medical books of our time! So relevant for everyone, written in simple powerful language and answers the most common questions everyone asks about older peoples’ health, says Dr Lipski.

The cost savings for better health care for the elderly are estimated at $3billion per year from Dr Lipski’s "White Paper" from 2007 which was endorsed by State Ministers for Health and Ageing .