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Next generation of dental surgeons learn LIVE at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital played host to Australia's first non-university live patient program within a hospital setting recently, meaning Dental Clinicians can now learn LIVE and local when it comes to implant surgery

Dr Licenblat spoke to ABC Central Coast's Scott Levi this week to discuss this exciting news.

For many Dental clinicians, a degree is just one step on the pathway to a successful career and, a new cohort of clinicians were recently offered a key to bold and innovative way of learning via Live patient surgery at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital.

This type of learning is a first for Brisbane Waters Private Hospital and also reflects a rare opportunity for clinicians to learn live while a patient is under general anaesthesia.

The training is being conducted by the Australasian Implant Academy (AIA), led by local dental surgeon and founder, Dr Ned Restom in partnership with Dr David Bassal and Dr Dean Licenblat.

According to Dr Restom, the scope of training now available via AIA means that clinicians don’t need to travel overseas to attend foreign institutions in order to get the best training and approach to implant surgery.

“This is an exciting time for both AIA and Brisbane Waters Private Hospital because this represents the first non-university live patient program within a hospital setting completed under general anaesthetic for students,” Dr Restom said.

“The participants not only benefit from conducting their training on live patients in the most safe, sterile and supportive environment possible.

“They also have incredible access to a full band of clinical experts such as registered anaesthetists, specialists, surgical nurses and other surgical staff who can add to the live learning and skill building experience, resulting in highly skilled and confident surgeons.

“We are teaching a fully digital workflow which includes precision planning and the highest level of accuracy thus reducing complications and increasing the longevity of our patient's rehabilitation.”

Dr Sonia Kharinta who is a Principal Dentist in Penrith was one of the participants in the Full Arch immediate loading program which was held this week and is the first course of 2022 for AIA.

Dr Kharinta said she first heard about the course through a colleague in Tasmania and is excited to be expanding her skills in Implantology.

“I am very keen to grow my skills in implants and aesthetics so being able to work in a live environment has been amazing,” Dr Kharinta said.

“The level of support and mentoring that the team have provided has been excellent and I’m just so pleased to be able to complete this just an hour’s drive from Sydney.”

With approval from the Australian Dental Association and accredited through Academy of General Dentistry, AIA courses are also one of the only courses in Australia to be endorsed by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

Dr Restom who has completed a Bachelor of Dentistry and a range of post graduate Implantology qualifications said the other exciting prospect about the courses, is that they are done at a subsidised cost for patients.

“There is a set criteria for patients who qualify for treatment as part of the AIA programs, but it is incredibly rewarding to know patients are receiving the best standard of care while also providing an opportunity for clinicians to learn and grow their own abilities,” Dr Restom said.

Avoca Beach resident Ann, 69, who was among the number of patients involved in the latest program said she was pleased with the results and felt proud to be able to support learning through the care she received.

“Any surgery is daunting so of course you are nervous, but I had no need to be, the care I received was so wonderful, kind and compassionate and professional,” Ann said.

“This is a long term process and after this initial surgery I can’t stop smiling, this procedure has given me my smile back that I lost many years ago.”

To learn more information about AIA and the courses available please visit: or contact AIA via 04 05 819 634 for enquiries on becoming involved as a patient of this exciting and innovative form of learning.